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Step By Step Guide On How To Play Points Rummy Game

The Rummy card game has many variants. One such variant is the points rummy. In this type of Rummy, point values are related to currency. There is more to this game. The point-counting process in Rummy is used to determine the points of other players who don’t win the game. After that, the points show the monetary values of the points. These points are multiplied by the values related to currency.  And this amount depicts the winner’s points which is zero. Amazing, right? When you try to grasp everything about points rummy at once, it can be a little difficult. So, you need to learn this game step by step. Here’s a guide that will help you learn to play points rummy game and win it.

How to play points rummy?

Points Rummy is a popular variation of Rummy where players get point values to their card hands. The winner is the first player to reach a predetermined number of points, usually 100 or 200. In order to score points in this game, players must form valid melds and lay them down on the table during their turn. Every player gets 13 cards using which they need to form sets and sequences (pure and impure). Once a player completes his sequence, he needs to shift his points to an empty slot and must declare their win. In the online version of points rummy, a person can move the completed hand to the finish slot and press the ‘Declare’ button.

Rules of Points Rummy

  • The rummy points and their values are determined before the game starts.
  • When decks are used, to make sequences, players must not use mirror cards. For instance, players cannot use two 9 of spades or two 8s of clubs for a sequence.
  • At least one pure sequence should be formed to win the points a rummy game.
  • The player who finishes all cards and is declared first becomes the winner with zero points.
  • The rest of the players need to calculate their points depending on the cards they have with which no sequence could be formed.
  • Losing players should calculate the currency against the card values or points that could not form a sequence and must pay the winner.
  • According to the points rummy rules, if a player leaves the table in the starting round of the game, they must pay a sum equal to 20 points.
  • If a player doesn’t have a valid hand and still declares, a penalty will be charged against him, as per standard points rummy rules.
  • If a player reaches 80 points (which is the maximum points a player can get), he/she must pay an amount that equals this point.

Scoring in points rummy

People often make this rookie mistake. The points in Rummy are calculated based on the points that are assigned to the card value and its currency. Point rummy game’s main aim is to secure 0 points and collect winnings from other participants who have got more points. In a nutshell, to score and win in this variation of Rummy, you need not score. Also, you need to form your sequences before other players and declare your win to get zero rummy points.

Point values

Calculating points in Rummy can be a little difficult, but here’s how the thing works:

  • The face cards (King, Ace, Queen, Jack) present in a deck are assigned 10 points.
  • The number cards have points equivalent to their ranks. For example 3 of clubs get 3 points, 8 of spades get 8 points, etc.
  • Joker cards have 0 points.
  • If players can’t make sequences (impure and pure) using the cards in hand, points are calculated based on the cards in hand.
  • At the beginning of the game, an amount is fixed which other losing players give the winner.

Points rummy is fun to play if you have enough money and know all the rules. So, download the famous GetMega app and play points rummy and earn money.


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